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“KKID emphasizes on an OD approach to Programmes”, read attachment for details…….

A Holistic Approach to Programms of NGO Personnel for Integral Development of the Individual, Team & Organization


KKID in the last 5 years has been training personnel in the NGO, Government & Corporate sectors, for better effectiveness and the improvement of the quality of human resources. In most cases concerned organizations have sponsored individuals with a view to benefit the individual and the organization. Although there is value added in these ongoing efforts, KKID has also been working on a more holistic approach to providing training inputs.

What does KKID propose?

KKID now proposes to train personnel based on the organizational needs. These needs are focused at the individual, team and the organization as a whole, and are carried out at all levels, field level, executive, middle management & senior management levels. It is intended that this approach will enable all personnel in the organization to share the same vision and work towards the same goal with enhanced effectiveness. Some objectives, which the OD approach aims to achieve
  • Common understanding of the vision, goals & objectives of the organizations
  • Improving team spirit & effectiveness
  • Sharing common responsibility
  • Bringing in more commitment to the work and to the organization
  • Enhancing capacity to participate effectively in Planning
  • Monitoring & valuations
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Resolving conflicts etc