Karl Kübel Foundation for Child and Family (KKF), a charitable company headquartered at KKID (Karl Kübel Institute for Development Education) campus in Coimbatore has 4 different facets in social development functions:

Monitoring of Development Projects

The focal purpose of KKF is to coordinate and monitor development projects countrywide with a focus on empowerment of people across the social strata, for a better quality of life. Presently projects funded and supported by Karl Kübel Stiftung is coordinated and monitored through a project coordination unit.

Development through Training Programmes

The Institute set up for development education, supports in building the capacity of the people through various trainings, workshops, seminars and consortiums for diverse sections of the society. We have sustainable fruitful collaboration with Government, NGO, CBO, Corporate and Educational Institutions.

Research and Documentation

Conduct of periodical project evaluations; carrying out research on current development themes; bringing publications of international conference and workshops; releasing thematic concept and research papers are our regular social efforts to enhance the quality of development interventions. We support with our pool of expertise to conduct the organizational study, financial audit, impact assessments and documentation.

Social Philanthropy

To add on to various socially responsible actions, the foundation works for the most backward and needy tribal communities situated nearby the institute. Driven by founder’s philosophy, Kindergarten schools are set up and renovated in couple of villages nearby.

As part of the intercultural dialogue, the institute promotes exposure and exchange of social work by hosting German volunteers and students to learn and share culture and social work practices across the country through NGOs and Universities


  • Improve Quality of life of every individual with required additional knowledge and skills
  • Facilitate meaningful dialogues for social development and secularism
  • Provide a knowledge platform for social development stakeholders to update and complement social initiatives